Cultural effects on Education

wahab Hassib Mohamad
Translator, University Lecturer

What is culture?

Culture is the whole historical produces and outcomes that a specific group has produced in its history, including; language, beliefs, literature, art, myth, folklore heritage, theoretical and scientific subjects, and traditions. Culture is a part of character and it is the definition of society and human beings which they separate themselves from others through culture.

What is education?

Education is a group of principles emerged from religion and social traditions and involved in directing individuals. Or it is a set of interactions in the context of people’s environment that affect them.

History of Education

History tells us that along with the spread of religion, literacy spread among humanity, and then all religions and civilizations played a different role.

The history of education in Kurdistan

In Kurdistan, literacy has spent a long and confused way, and similar to other nations in the matter, religious men were took a huge role and they were chosen by the society. Hujra for a long period was a place for education and learning in Kurdistan. At the end of nineteenth century Othman Empire opened a school but the studying language in it was Turkish. After them, the British was proceeded the field till the consequences governments of Iraq finalized the mission. Since 1991, this mission takes by self-govern power and they still continuous on it.

Purpose of Education

1.Making human beings as a well-educated social creature.

2.Making individuals to protect the principles and keeping their commitments with nature of their religions.

3.It a cause to direct individuals correctly.

4.It involved in connecting the individuals with the society

"The effect of Kurdish culture on education”

Kurdish culture is a reflection of unhealthy society. It rather works on oppression individuals than their liberations. Friends, the education require new and modern system in order to develop its olden culture. I want to say, our culture is the major obstacle in front of our social progresses. It is a duty that few concerns were on it. While some of the nations are developed a lot due to their culture. The world has reached to the fact that education will solve many of the challenges of life. How can education be invested as a commodity for a subjugated and oppressed nation like Kurds? The answer is for readers!

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