Eid, Covid-19, & salary

Sarko Ynuis

This is the second Eid that take with Coronavirus, but the Eid of cutting employee’s salaries are going on. Although, despite arrival of vaccine and its distribution to citizens, but the virus still dangerous and going on.

Even though Baghdad and Erbil have agreed on the 2021 budget law, the region’s share is determined by the law, but it seems that the dilemmas of region’s employee’s salaries will continue.

According to Iraqi’s overall budget law for 2021, the region’s budget share is about 11 trillion and 500 billion Iraqi dinars, in the condition of providing value of 250000 barrels oil with SOMO price and half of federal revenues by the region to Baghdad.

For more than six years, the promotion of employee’s salaries has been suspended and no date has been set to restart the promotion of employee’s salaries.

The economic situation and purchasing goods in markets due to high demands of Ramadan seemed more active and salary distribution was more motivating for user’s demands.

The Kurdistan region pledged to distribute the employee’s salaries on twenty five of every month, this pledge stabilizes markets and increased trusts to bazar.

Unfortunately, unemployed percentage in Kurdistan region is between 20 to 30 per cent of the community. If we pass 2021 within the same situation, we will see the increased rate due to negative sides of coronavirus on economic sector.

Drought phenomenon in the region looks another main obstacle in front of KRG missions. The damages of drought are another load on the region’s economy.

In sum, in order to Eid becomes inclusive occasion besides religious occasion, the KRG and political parties need to take dynamic steps to solve the economic, social crisis in general and employee’s salaries in particular.

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