Ramadan & Bazaar

Sarko Ynuis

This year’s Ramadan in Kurdistan Region differs from the previous ones, it is in spring and tourism season, despite the budget agreement between Erbil and Baghdad and the high price of oil, Erbil still afflicts with a financial crisis, salary becomes the essential source of people, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) provides with cutting yet. Instead of arriving Covid-19 vaccine and vaccinating the population, the new generation of this virus spreads while the concerned health sides warn people about getting the health situation worse, also, the process of study has been suspended in the schools and universities.

Unfortunately, the prices increase in the Muslim countries in Ramadan, but non-Muslim countries decrease the prices during the occasions, the consumers raise their needs in this month which is opposite the other months, our agricultural productions are not fulfilled yet in this Ramadan, it is expected most of the agricultural products will not yield due to the drought.

According to (FAO) reports the agricultural products going to decline as an outcome of Coronavirus across the world and the value of food inflate in the world markets. To provide people's wants, Kurdistan Region imports everyone requirements from the neighbors like Turkey and Iran, both mentioned countries face political and economic crises, the value of their currencies at low tide, however, they have raised the price of the goods that export to other countries. According to the statistics Kurdistan region imports (80%) of its needs from Turkey and Iran, likewise, the decision of the Iraqi central bank about raising the value of the dollar opposite Iraqi dinar (20%-25%) helped to escalate the price of goods dramatically, additionally, the Iraqi parliament stabilized the decision in the Iraqi law budget of 2021. Besides, such reasons were supported to heighten the price of chicken to further (3,750) dinars per kilo.

Awareness is one of the basic problems among the Kurdistan community because consumers in this region not aware of purchasing their supplies, when people go shopping they buy excessive goods in the markets they think it is the end of the world! Otherwise, the government and the market traders emphasize there is no problem in providing the food requirements in the region.

There is no doubt the government can’t identify the price of the supplies, it can be only a spectator of the prices to not monopolize and raise the supply costs, I wish the businessmen and vendors feel faithful, ethically and responsibility in this holy month, don’t hide their goods until the citizenship achieve their necessities simply.

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