Energy security and immigrants problems

Bahroz Jaafar
Oil expert.

Energy security and immigrants problems: oil and gas prices are increasing

Russia creates two problems for European Union

First, Energy problem in cold winter because of Russia is the main source of natural gas exports to Europe. About 24 per cent of the world's natural gas reserves are in Russia and Iran has 18 per cent of the world’s natural gas reserves, both are managing Qazvin basin. They have an ally in Gulf (Qatar), which ranks third and has 15 per cent of the world natural gas reserves.


Second, Russia is creating an immigrant problem through Belarus. When Arab Spring arose at the end of 2010, we saw three major global and regional changes:


- Russia ended Nabucco Pipeline project, (Nabucco line was gas transport project from central Asia to central Europe) or transported gas to Austria on Turkish land.

The project cost (10.7) billion dollars, (3,300) kilometers long, and was signed in 2009 in presence of Obama's representatives, four European countries, Turkey and Azerbaijan as well. They intended to transport gas to the west and NATO member countries but without Russia participation. That's why the Arab Spring crossed from Syria to Island of Crimea, which has Sevastopol; Sevastopol is one of the most sensitive geopolitical positions in the world, connecting the entire Black Sea, Russia and Asia to Eastern Europe.

It was not far for Russia and the United States to clash in this area and involved the world in the two-block war. "Crimea will forever be part of Russia," Putin said on November 2, 2021. Due to the same occasion, US forces increased in Poland and around Russia. Russia has come to the Mediterranean Sea (the US and NATO control territory) and Russian forces have been stayed in Tartus of Syria since 2011.

- Regionally, the Arab Spring ended an era of economic growth and internal stability in Turkey, as it coincided with a bad political, diplomatic and military collapse between Israel and Turkey, and then the relations between Turkey and Assad’s regime in Syria ended, just as the PKK’s internal peace process was cancelled. Oil and natural gas prices have also risen due to regional crises.

- From 2010 to 2021, the successive announcement of the discovery of natural reserves in Qatar (Gulf) in the Caspian Region, particularly Azerbaijan, east of the White Sea (Cyprus, Israel).

What is not worth mentioning is that in the Kurdistan Region, there have been protests against injustice and a ruling gap, particularly in the governing area of Sulaimaniyah, but it is important to know how suddenly the Belarus Embassy provides thousands visas to the citizens of the Kurdistan Region through several dealers in one month.

A Russian company, reports that they have found "oil" in the Sulaimaniyah region (not gas), and that thousands of people in the Kurdistan Region whom most of them from Sulaimaniyah, Garmian and Sharazur, are starting to cross borders of Belarus. Why didn't this problem arise in the summer season? If Belarus facilitates visas for tourism in the summer, tens of thousands of people will go to the country to take a vacation.

Poland is under the most pressure from Europe and Russia! Warsaw's responsible agencies do not hide that Belarus has deceived immigrants to come to their country and open their doors to Poland and other European countries. The Kurdistan region is now named in the media of Poland because the majority of migrants in Iraq and in Iraq are from the Kurdistan Region, and most of them from the Kurdistan Region are in Sulaimaniyah administration.

In general, in the Kurdistan Region, there is a lack of job opportunities, a poor health system, roads and other services, but the Kurdistan Region is the tool of a war that Russia has launched through Belarus. In a result, it puts the European Union under question and the price of oil and natural gas is increasing in a hard winter.

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