Turkey – PKK – Kurdistan Regional Government

Bahroz Jaafar
Oil expert.

Turkey has involved in compromised discussion with Greece, Cyprus, Libya, (National Accord), Egypt, and Israel. Turkey is in deep problem due to historical dimension of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s speeches because he claims for "New Othman Empire”. The main and theoretical subject in Turkey’s issue is the nature of this country consists of intervention in other’s duties. "To ensure security in Turkey, Turkey should to concern about other’s security”Ahmet Davutoğlu said. This means Turkey in the secure, and (economic, political, and security stability) is always interferingwith other’s issues. Therefore, Turkey is regularly in struggle with his around countries. For the one who directly dealt with Turkish community, psychologically can felt that they have educated themselves every morning by saying "the world is against you, you are not from other’s origins, everyone wants to remove you, therefore, you have to be racism and every of others are abnormal to you”. History displays as a mirror that Turkey has not been anything and they have grown on the basis of Kurds and Alawites.

Briefly, each of Europe, America, Libya, and Israel push on Turkey to return to its lands. In contrary, Turkey goes forward to south land due to pass in Kurdistan region’s lands. They are doing it in order to forget its basic problems in the mind of Turks. Another aim of Turkey in entering the lands of Kurdistan region is to achieve natural gas and hide its military and economic failure faced in Libya.

Some of the stable military bases of Turkey in Kurdistan such as Bakufa, Shiladze, and Kani Masi since 1995 in the context of international decision have been stable because at that time if the Turkish did not come there, thus the British would stay in. These places are remains of Othman and British.

Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) pays his political mistakes, which they rejected Turkish elections in 2015. When Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) gained 81 parliament seats in Turkey, but did know how to deal with this victory which never happened in history of Kurdish in Turkey. Instead of participating in forming government and make it as an opportunity to rebuilt Kurdish cities. The result of their mistake is for more than four years Selahattin Demirtaş with some of Kurdish parliament members has been prisoned. Additionally, tens of PKK commanders and leaders have been killed.

In my opinion, I believe that among five PKK members three of them are working for Turkey. Even among PKK leadership, some are implementing Turkish agendas. Such as, Duran Kalkan says "one enemy occupied Kurdish lands is better than four”.

According to the laws of Iraq and Kurdistan region, the KRG can move and use his army forces in wherever they want, but PKK attack them and kill Kurdish Official Army (Peshmerge). PKK has narrowed to entire Kurdistan lands in Kurdistan region’s areas, such as; Sangaw, Duuz, Kifiri and Kalar. Also in the other parts of Kurdistan region includes; Sharbajer, Swrdash, Taq Taq, Ranya and Qalladze. Thus the question is what will happen to geographical power maps and division of Southern political Parties regards to this regional, Turkism, and local developments?

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