The Panorama of Natural Gas in Kurdistan

Bahroz Jaafar
Oil expert.

Kurdistan natural gas in Turkey going to join through (Tanap) project in Azerbaijan-Georgia gas pipelines to Turkey and Bulgaria, from there transport to Europe. That will be for the benefit of the Russian that’s why Russian deeds have changed across Kurdistan since (2017). The Russians are happy about (37-45) billion oil reserves and (5, 7) trillion cubic feet of Kurdistan natural gas.

According to the early contracts, the Kurdistan gas project will be ended at the end of (2020), the pipeline can transfer (30) million cubic meters outside per diem. Whilst the majority of Kurdistan natural gases consumed locally for electric production!

However, the hydrocarbon coalition in the Mediterranean Sea is stronger; America has started to measure the Kurdistan natural gas. Similarly, the (US) estimations have ended in the west of Kurdistan. Also, it is going to produce natural gas in Lebanon and negotiation starts with Lebanon and Israel as well. Egypt, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon, Kurdistan Region and west of Kurdistan are one package that is powered via America, Britain, France and Israel.

In general, finding natural gas in the Mediterranean Sea carries lots of meaning as:

· The Mediterranean Sea gas reserves have become a Russian gas alternative to Europe. Likewise, it makes the national security of Israel stronger.

· The retired Turkish Admiral (Jem Gordeniz) believes, the territorial and international forces don’t allow the turkey to own a navy force and develop its capability.

· Furthermore, natural gas brings a new modern of security to the territorials; it combines three continents like Asia, Africa and Europe.

Our paper about The Hydrocarbon Capability of Kurdistan will publish soon in Kurdish, Arabic and English languages at Mediterranean institute, it is focused on:

· A survey on the real reserves in the Kurdistan gas fields.

· The panorama of natural gas from the White Sea to the Black sea will stop Turkey.

· To defend Cyprus and Greek, France and Italy have deployed military forces in the Mediterranean Sea.

· Finding (320) billion cubic meters of gas in Turkey can reach Turkey in the next four years.

· Does the Kurdistan Region gas become a source of market for Iraq or outside?

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