If Trump wins in this Election a Miracle will happen

Bahroz Jaafar
Oil expert.

The election and voting system in America is too complicated because the system of casting votes focused on two methods, firstly, the popular vote which is referring to the population in general, secondly, the electoral college that are the representatives who are they voting via the states and their numbers are (538), (435) members belong to the council of representatives, (100) are senators and the rest are called senates. The one becomes a president he/she must gain 50+1 which means (270) votes.

In (2000) Elgore has won the election in the popular election but later George W Bush became the winner via the electoral vote, similarly, the same would repeat between Hillary Clinton and Trump in (2016).

In my opinion, Trump cannot be chosen as a president this round because the materials that the democrats have devoted for the election campaign are rather higher than the republicans, according to the surveys Biden comes before Trump so far, Trump doesn’t have such a power to do what he wants, for example, he decided to hold a party in his hotel but the DC municipal prohibited due to the covid-19 situation, and the US Blacks and women, in general, feel a shame to have such a racist president as Trump.

After every two years of the presidential election, the council of representative election will conduct; any political party wins this election it is expected to win the presidential one.

Forty states divided amid blue and red colors; however, the last ten states remain as grey color as they call swing states while Colorado and Pennsylvania are belonging to the swing states and their votes become decisive for the one who successes in the two mentioned states.

In terms of public relations no balance is seen in Trump’s speech like teasing coronavirus, he says my son got recovery after fifteen minutes of confirmation to coronavirus test. Finally, the Jewish lobbies believe Joe Biden becomes the upcoming president of the United States of America. From the very beginning (David Harris) who has a great impact on the local and the foreign policies of America said Biden will be the next chosen president of the US.

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