Kurd between Separation and Independent Fight

Karzan Hamid
Financial Journalist

If you ask any Kurdish individual in any surrounding of the world "do you require an independent state or a system that achieves all your personal rights?” without hesitation he/she will choose the first option. That is the main problem of the Kurdish people because they don’t think deeply when they are going to decide about their fates. In this topic, I will concentrate on some points which are very necessary to work on it before stepping toward an independent state. The question is, to what extent Kurds have worked on constructing an independent country?

Around 10 decades Kurds in (Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria) have been struggling for obtaining their own rights in different ways, some of them tried to have their independence while other would like to have attained autonomy. But, the most important point is, why neither Kurdish historiographers nor foreign investigators didn’t work on how to divide Kurds among four different countries?

We as Kurd from the ottomans and Persian era till now, the only point has gathered us is the language only, we have been fighting each other while we couldn’t work on solving our internal issues! The Kurdish problem doesn’t relate to the international political field, it depends on the Kurdish local issues as I mentioned before.

I would like to emphasize on the inner problems only, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) particularly, as a result of the gulf war after 1991 KRG has accepted as an autonomous region legally and in Iraqi constitution as well. The Kurdish political party had to work on two essential points firstly, rebuild a Kurdish public weal, secondly; recomposed Kurdish history but they repeated the same mistake that the previous had made.

In 2017 Kurds in Iraq participated in referendum process to separate from Iraq, also people in disputed areas participated in this process but in my opinion, the Kurdish authorities goal were not for independence whereas for doing pressure against Baghdad.

The referendum was an emotional process for KRG citizens in order to forget the economic crisis on their mind. An independent state requires some principles but the politicians don’t care about it like, arranging the language of speech and united culture which means Kurdish native culture. Moreover, science has been forgetting in KRG. The first Indian Prime Minister Jawahir Lal Nehru in his first speech to the Indians after independence said science can solve every hum beings troubles. We couldn’t grow up an educated generation after 1991; we demolished the scientific research and education sectors.

To keep it brief, I want to say, from now on, if the Kurds will not work to rectify their mistakes, they will lose everything that achieved before. For instance, the national league currently doesn’t have a good relation with KRG in comparison to 2005 because in this region people are not getting their own rights either majorities or minorities. For constructing a Kurdistan state, we need to find the common points amid the tribes and clans like Korea and Malaysia.

In conclusion, we have to focus on four major points, firstly, demolishing the class differences, secondly, producing a native strong economy, thirdly, creating a common identity for all entities, finally, establishing an equivalent judicial system for all inhabitants without variation.


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