We have to be ready for immense changes in Iraq

Mirran Hussen
Geopolitics MSc

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 numerous changes have happened in Iraq. Every signs are remarking new and sensitive situation in the region in general and particularly in Iraq. After resignation of Adil Abdualmahdi in the outcome of demonstrations and assassinations of Qasim Solemani, may something will happen that no one predicted to.

What is noticed since 2003 up to now, statue of Shia has never weakened as now because they are always united and get away their internal dilemmas. Moreover, Shia Street has not angry to their leaders as appear at present.

On the other hand, afterward the resignation of Adil Abdulmahdi, the Shia fractions could not be able to form a new cabinet because the phenomenon approved that after killing Qasim Solemani hegemony of Iran has weakened and this had direct impacts on Shia home because merely Solemani managed and unified Shia. Above all, America is angry with political and security situations in Iraq and he thinks that the first one who lose in this circumstance is only America despite killing four thousand of his soldiers and trillion USD.

The whole previous factors are signs to happening new big changes in Iraq which would be much differ from the others.

One of the significant one is military coup similar to Egyptian model with solidarity of America or Gulf because the whole military coups measures are available to happen.

Second one is bringing back the influences of America due to weaken the hegemony of Iran and his hostiles.

Regards to Kurds, Kurds should to prepare himself for new changes which would much vary than previous ones and they have to warily deal with the current circumstances. Meanwhile, Kurds must prepare themselves for root changes in the sectors of politics, military, and economy that may be against or appropriate with its interests.

Kurds can gain its aims by strengthen its political and economic statues with big powers without making differences between them such as America, Russia, China and Europe on one hand. On the other hand, Kurds must unit its home and make military, politics, and economic preparations for the any sudden changes due to cross with as less as loses than and as much as benefits.

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