Southern Kurdistan is liberation basement

Sarbasat Salih

In modern period Southern Kurdistan is center of liberation speeches, Southern Kurdistan has great role in progress Kurdish nationalism speeches. When we back to the history and revolutionaries, we can understand very well from new social movements, journalism upraises, attempts to find new Parties, Political organizations, and understand well from Southern Kurdistan statues.


From the past we can understand that Southern Kurdistan has become secure shelter for Kurds in the four Kurdish parts. It has been mother shelter for those who have been displaced by the enemy’s force. The Southern Kurdistan experience is great and golden opportunity for reliving culture, forms and Kurdish literature. There are several singers, poets, and experts whom from other Kurdistan parts get along with the secure of Southern Kurdistan for behalf of expanding their own skills. Therefore, Kurdistan region is Kurds liberation basement and great hopes for the whole Kurdish people.


After 28 years’ govern experience in Southern Kurdistan, after left several phases of ups and downs in political developments and global participations, Kurdistan region could become basement of liberation inside four colonial countries of Kurdistan lands. Southern Kurdistan represents Kurdish case on global levels, meanwhile, for dealing with Kurdish case Southern Kurdistan is official and countable character which internationally and internally, other state looking forward to deal with.


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