Stand against Covid-19 by Yang Energy

Mohammad Chya

While Covid-19 becomes real risks on humanity and still scientific studies and efforts have not reach to find the vaccine or healthy treatment, therefore at present the best way to be against the virus is doing Yang energy exercise. This technique has been used since the ancient period by scholars. The technique gives you relaxing, calmness and decreasing your anxiety. It would be better to do the exercise in morning.

The ways of doing the technique:

1.Do not eat oily meals and do not drink water a lot because both prevent energy in body.

2.Find quit place.

3.Without electronic devices.

4.Sit in a way which your back be in front of the sun due to receive the sun directly on your back (you can do it indoors).

5.Put your legs under body; sit in a way that your buttocks are on your heels without any pressure on your body.

6.Softly put your right hand palm on your left hand palm.

7.For some seconds (half a minute) sit calmly and zeroing all of your thinking.

8.And then take a deep breath exactly as a way that I am explaining you:

-Take a deep breath, in a way you think that sending the air to your lower side of your abdomen. Stay the air and say (100002).

-Stop the breath for some seconds.

-More slowly take out the breath, by counting (one to seven).

-Breath out should be three times slower than taking breath.

-Do this exercise daily because has not disadvantages. At this time that all have been quarantined at home the best thing to do is pay attention to our body.

-I hope everyone be safe.

Note: if you do the exercise at evening, the only difference is opposite your seat by putting your back in front of the sun.

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