Why President Macron visit Erbil?

Adil Bakhawan PhD
Sociologist & Kurdish scholar


A significant diplomatic event is taking place in Iraq this weekend, and a global conference will be held in Baghdad on the Middle East issues. I will return at another time on how to organize the conference and its expected results. What I would like to mention in this short article is the factors and aims of President Macron's visit to Kurdistan Region, and I will brief them on the following opinions;

1. The Kurdistan Region has a strategic position in the current administration's policy of Emanuel Macron. In addition, existence of France in Kurdistan is not only related to cares and friendship, but it relates to presence of the strategy.

2. Through both quality and quantity after a readiness of the US military forces, the readiness of the French military forces in Kurdistan is ahead of all other countries.

3. The land of Kurdistan Region is an area, which joins France with Syrian Kurdistan. All French military, diplomatic and economic aids to Syrian Kurdistan transfer through the Kurdistan Region.

4. A case of terrorism and return of ISIS is one of the main problems of the Republic of French. Regards to this point, President Macron believes that Kurds in (Syria and Iraq) are the first partners in the war against ISIS.

5. President McCarron belongs to a generation of French diplomats who fully believed that rebuilding the new Middle East without "Kurds" will not prosper and a vision of a stability of the Middle East without resolving the Kurdish-Palestinian problem is impossible.

6. Attack of Turkey on northern "Kurdistan Region” is another of files that French diplomacy has faced sustained doubts and questions. Meanwhile, it is very significant for France to limited Turkey’s authority relates to this issue.

7. In the current situations of Iraq, France believes that the Kurdistan Region, despite all its crises, is still the safest area for French companies to invest and, if necessary, the French enterprises move from the Kurdistan region to other parts of Iraq.

8. In reducing the "American" role in Iraq, President Macron desires the Republic of French to fill a significant part of a gap that occur in a result of American’s leave in Iraq. Regards to this point, the best option for French is Kurdistan Region.

9. All these factors make President Macron stand respectfully in front of anthem of "Ay Raqib” and Kurdistan flag. Also he is as one of World Powers visit the capital of the Kurdistan Region.

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