If we do not safeguard ourselves, Erbil becomes Lhasa

Bakir Shwani
Writer & Translator

If struggles of other nations since last two centuries was for behalf of independence, thus Kurds hard struggles was to surviving with life above all. The newest Kurdish struggles to surviving life were fighting against ISIL which more than ten thousands Kurds killed for behalf in Southern and Western part during last 6 years.

At present, fighting against Covid-19 is above all, especially in South. Theoretically and on paper both nations Kurds and Arabs are living in a state called Iraq, but the balance of this sharing is in benefits with Arabs for tens follow tens. The Iraqi populations in 1990 were only 18 million, but after 30 years the number is increased to 40 million.

If Covid-19 very quickly outbreak in Kurdistan and Iraq which I hope this would not happen thus Kurds due to lack of population will be the first loser. Moreover, because according to laws and constitution, in making any gaps, other entities can come and live in their places thus the Capital of Erbil becomes like Lhasa the capital of Tibet. There is no doubt that the future of Kirkuk, Sulaymany and Duhok will have the same destiny. The historic land of Tibet is 4 million KM and this is four times larger than the four parts of Kurdistan. Tibet in seven century till thirteen century was an independence state, and then it became a province of China. After that since 1960 China has started to change the demography of Tibet in systematic procedure in a way which at present 80 per cent of Lhasa population consists of Wuhan nation whom determined as supreme class of China.


Ladies and Gentlemen

Dear Friends

Any of you who stay at some is not only protect himself, but he also similar to Peshmerga and Guarriala are in fronts of protecting our nation’s future and lands as well.

Please protect yourself!

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