WE & They

Mohammad Ahmed Shamerani

Having different views among society’s individuals is normal and serves the society. Different views opens various doors for human to look at life’s sides, but what is existed in Kurdistan is no more less than separations and being apposite to each other. Their differences even exist up to days within new changes of the world as explained below:

1.We are saying this is merely a virus met the whole; they say "no, it’s angry of God on these Muslim killers”.

2.We are saying "we have to keep healthy instructions”, in contrast they say "No, we are innocents and believers, only God decide on our destiny”.

3.We are saying "for behalf of public interests, it’s normal to close Mosques and gatherings”, contrary they are saying "this is a plan and aims to far away from sacred places and religious worshiping”.

4.We are saying "Muslims Mullah are like all others available to infect with the Covid-19”, contrary they are saying "this is a plan against Mullahs”.

5.We are saying "Cooperation is important between Government and people to defeat the Virus”, contrary they are saying "this is government’s duty and none of people should to participate”.

6.We are saying "Lord is lord of beauty and created everyone in perfect way to rule the globe”, contrary they are saying "Lord is continuously fighting with his disbelievers and send Coronavirus to punish them”.

We are saying and they are saying too……. Etc.

In sum, I am saying that the purpose of this piece is not to blame any specific groups or persons; this is just to cross and awaking those who limited their mind around close circle. Moreover, having different views and confrontations in any societies has deepen history, but what is problem is those who has closed mind and no changes appear in their thinking is strongly defeat their thinking without developments with new changes.

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