Sulaimani and Parties’ congress

Muimin Zalmy

Most of the political parties will not commitment of their own Parties’ principles, but according to awareness of high commission of elections most of them should to renew themselves by holding congress in this year. The question here is how the Kurdish street looks at this issue? What is Political Parties want to transfer to street?


According to media information, each of effective Parties in Sulaimani province plan to hold their next congress as Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Goran movement, Islamic Union Party and Islamic Komal Party in this year. Hereafter, negotiations about ways of congress and changes has been started.


Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has held only three congresses, while regards to last statement of headquarter bureau is talking about next congress in the near future. An important matte for this Party after death of former president is leading the Party because after his dead they could not point out another president for the party.


Goran movement after the death of their leader Nawshirwan Mustafa, totally being under criticism of his fans and academics. After two of consequences failure of this party, hopes on this party has been decreased because more than half of implementing cells decided to do not nominate themselves, this is either for running from authority or criticism of the Party agenda.


Regards to Islamic Parties "Kurdistan union Party and Islamic Komal” have started to prepare themselves for their next congress. The first one decides to renew its forms of works by backing to educational activities under the supervision of General Trustee of the Party. The second one Islamic Komal decides to indicate the date of congress in next week.


Finally, what the Kurdish street particularly sulaimani street require is providing services more. With no doubt, success of Political Parties has its own impacts on provinces management. Therefore, public request is peaceful demands for triumph congress.


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