Farmers and Plans of Agriculture ministry

Yadgar Ismail
University Lecturer

Agriculture is not even determined as huge assistance of agriculture countries, but it has great roles in capital states. But unfortunately, in Iraqi Kurdistan years by year tis field has been decreased into low level because of government’s plans.


Up to 2005 most of the Kurdistan people for their daily life depended on agriculture, only in two or three months by selling tomato they could be able to get their year incomes. But unfortunately, today within developing agriculture methods, its incomes are very few for farmers.


In last years, an immoral phenomenon has occurred to a farmer which is throwing their agriculture products. The fall of this phenomenon is directly belongs to authorities especially the ministry of agriculture, because they do not have appropriate plans and depend on imports products.


The policy of importing products without suit plans has disappointed farmers. If the authority had appropriate plan, farmers would have more products and could be more activate than now.


Agriculture’s benefits are not only for local bazars, but it assists saving environments and climate changes. However, because of administration and governing system by (local or international factors) our environments have been damaged.


In short, for behalf of ensuring farmer’s demands and people needs, the ministry of agriculture should to think of establishing several factors for products. In this side the government should not to be a partnership with factors and provide them whatever they need. This process will help people to go back for the villages and thus agriculture products will increase in Kurdistan.


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