This Rain is from that cloud

Kifah Mahmoud Karim

Most of our young (especially generations after Sadam’s era) believe that racism, religion diversity, class diversity and patriotism are the outcome of invade of United States in Iraq. The agenda of America was against the regime particularly religious Parties and sects which developed under the influences of some groups, learning centers, schools and famous systems.


What have been produced from Zaim School to Baath schools, military school and National Guard, they copy it today under different mechanisms and political, legal principles. These schools could become observations centers on people as Jorje Orwell’s Novel (1984) which state controlled everything.


These schools and dark clouds after few years follow building the state once more spread in Iraqi lands and sky. The forms of compulsory imposes and looks at others as second person which has implemented by some of political powers of Iraq against some of religious and sectarian components with different ways.


Outcome of long years of implementing oppressive and making different kinds of disliking each other among components because each of them prepare himself to work on omit others.


Today we can feel the outcome of this process in Anbar, Sallahaddin, around Baghdad, North of Hila, Kirkuk and Dialle. This would awareness of risks which may face us and put us in front of historical and national responsibility and may meet a war that burn wet and dry together. The result of this process is worse than Baath’s results such as losing several golden opportunities to develop and stability country.


Therefore, the speech of "This Rain is from that cloud” is true for Iraq.


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