Take a glance at Book of “Jewish State”

Choman Taqieddin

Theodor Herzl said "State means life and death for us, if we do not have state, we will face many difficulties”


This statement had been true when Nazi regime took role, they did Holocaust against Jewish (1933-1945), and in this process around six millions had been killed in German, Poland and some other states.


Because of this genocide process, most of the Jews obliged to went back to Israel from Europe; they planned to do not buy anything from Jews.


The roots of this feeling belonged to found the Jews state of Israel in 71 BC, a state that had been equipped by Roma republic Army, and then several of Jews have been displaced and obliged to immigrate to other states.


In 93 c the Israel State completely finished and had been joined to republic of Roma, thus few of Jews stayed in Israel’s land, but finally they could back to their Ancestor’s land and found Jews state.


Herzl says "Jews who wishes state, they will achieve. And then freely walk on its land in peace. The world will be free by our freedom and with its wealth we will be rich”.

Thus I am saying, the Kurds who wishes for Kurdistan state, they will achieve once a day. However, glob will be free with Kurd’s freedom, it can be said that the world could become richer with the Kurd’s wealth, but they did not allow us as Kurds to get benefits from our wealth. Meanwhile colonized countries of Kurdistan have bought army stores and weapons with Kurdish money, and formerly they used to collapse Kurds in the process of Anfal and chemical weapons. They destroyed thousand Kurdish villages and obliged them to immigrate for complexes.


This book leads nations who do not die and want to become their own independence state as Kurdish nation whom about hundred years struggles for this. Therefore, Kurds in southern part of Kurdistan on Sep 25, 2017 held an independence referendum. (%93) percentages of participants have voted for the independence for behalf of showing the global that they are a nations whom most of them looking for independence.


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