Article 140 Becomes a Perilous on Kurdistan

Arif Qwrbani

There is a speech; they say "things the Kurds achieve in the front lines they will lose on the table of discussion”. The reason is dialogue is an art and acquires technique, so the Kurds are qualified in the war but in terms of discussion they always loose. Throughout ten decades of the Kurds struggle these properties have seen clearly, for instance in 1925 under the recommendation of the League of Nations south Kurdistan welded to Iraq in the frame of Mosul province. From that time till Saddam regime collapsed, Kurds have oppressed via the consecutive Iraqi regimes instead of asking its rights nothing they did want.

After the Baath regime fell down, the position of Kurds intensified, the US administration supported them morally and materially, particularly, in Kirkuk province, the Kurdish peshmarga and security forces have controlled the city completely and the administration was generally managed by the Kurds as well. However, the achievements have been gained couldn’t affirm in reality while they concentrated on article 140 of Iraqi constitution to tackle the issues but the result may go to another direction which the future Kurds cannot ask for their own rights.

Kurds had to refuse the solution of article 140 when the future of its nation ties to a questionnaire of the citizens’ decision. If the article has implemented and the importing Arabs going back to their forefathers land, the question is how the Kurdish constitution committee members agreed to combine the Kirkuk’s fate to the issues of Baghdad, Mosel and Karbala? Since the Kirkuk issues relay on the identity of a nation whereas other cities have administration problems.

Kurds could use many phases of Article 140 in its benefits for solving the issues but the opportunities have gone and got worse. Article 140 looked like a medical treatment to a patient who has a chronic disease if he/she is not recovered soon; the medicines become a deadly poison to the patient. Arab would like the implementation of article 140 delays more because it will be their own interests.

After 14 years of inappropriate management of the city via the Kurds, in sixteenth of October 2017, everything returns to the Arab and the Kurds lost everything in Kirkuk, the other nations refuse the absolute power of the Kurds in the city. The apprehension is Baghdad authorities, they are looking for increasing the number of anti-Kurds direction, in reality, and they make a referendum in order to take Kirkuk under the Kurdish hand. Beside, Kurds lose Kalar, Kfri and the same will repeat in Duhok province like Akre because Kurds in have accepted the administrational changes but after 1968 the topic took political direction, instead of returning a piece of Kurdistan land Kurds will lose extra according to article 140.


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