Priority is Nation’s dignity

Rebin Rahim

Since the beginning of history the most serious problem that Kurds faced is stateless nation. This has direct impacts on Kurd’s psychology in a way which looks at others above him. Kurd’s hostiles and occupiers always try to increase this feeling among Kurds by making suit plans.


Within entire efforts by Kurdish hostiles to heat the Kurdish dignity, but Kurds national movements, revolutionaries, poets, and writer have great roles to aware Kurdish individuals. They have fought to Kurdish enemies by stooping their efforts to ruin Kurdish dreams.


Experience of Southern Kurdistan gives brightness to Kurdish cases and patriots. As a result Kurds achieved success, but their hostile’s plans have failed.


Kurdistan region in a very democratic way after faced several troubles by central government as cutting budget has held a referendum in order to achieve its independence.


Referendum is basic core and targets by Kurdish movements. Moreover, if 1991 of Kurdish uprising was ne historical moves to Kurds, thus referendum would become the political action at our national movements which cause of forward Kurds dignity.


Duty of Individuals and Politian is to strengthen dignity and morality of Kurds in a way that makes an environment mercenary is seeing as a disgusting subject. What we have to do is making strengthen our independence speeches and unity, not contrary let our views or speeches will serve the enemy. The priority is Kurds individual’s dignity.


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