The Anfals will bury Alive once again

Abubakir Karwani

The Anfals will bury Alive once again

The Iraqi officer’s insulting the Kurdistan flag to the Kurdish genocide (Anfal) families in Samawa province is meaning Kurdish genocide will repeat once more! The event may see either as a personal attitude or may belong to the sequence events that have been exposed by the Iraqi idealism in recent years.

We have to have a deep and scientific view for the logic of the state, policy, and history and Iraqi elites, similarly, a mutual understanding for that matter; moreover, we must pass the reflection and contrary views in Iraq. Our issues as Kurd in Iraq are not belonging to the ethnic officer while it belongs to the unawareness of the Iraq history toward Kurdish nationalism and today’s reality.

In my opinion, Iraq post-2003 hasn’t such a big difference in comparison before because the signals tell us living together is too difficult currently and the form of a living will change to obedience! It is our right to scare, ask and aware because it is not clear the things that we have achieved are the products of the changes or form of the obligatory condition through unbalanced forces. For example, most of the Iraqi leaders have backed off the Iraqi constitution and article 140 as well.

For that reason, most of the political analysts believed that Iraq doesn’t have state principles as Fukuyama’s speech. Many years ago, I had a report in the Middle East journal; I concentrated that the Iraq land will not change to a country while this quasi-government always behaves opposite Kurds.

The surface changes that happened in Iraq no developments have been seen in general so far because the former regime supported the Sunni entity; likewise, the present power supports Shia!

In another hand, an honorable life in Iraq is impossible presently. Iraq is a country of militia, violence, idealism and submerges in corruption. Instead of those, the only guarantee for Kurd is a democracy while all those things are the only side of the topic. The other side is the Kurdish local crisis because they haven’t forgotten the interior war; a party betrays others ultimately the members of the party proud of their betrayal! For instance, the high-treason of 16th October! Kurds need making a national peace if they don’t do they will lose the battle versus Iraq.

What are the opportunities?


What shall Kurds do if the outdoor political equations impose their will for a compulsory life? Or How to build a better governing system and will overcome the administration red tape? We must obtain our power, dignity and truth locally which means returning honorable and optional life to our community. In order to avoid the political idealism and imposing entities idea on others, we must accept the territorial de-facto in Iraq while I have a doubtful view about coexistence and peace among Kurd and other Iraqi entities. Lots of opportunities may be predicted but they need a historical view all those opportunities will require national agreement, political growing mind, feeling political and ethical responsibility. We need to return the real meaning of policy; intellectual management and the conflicts should be concentrated on the general interests.


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