Our Gigantic Problem

Abubakir Karwani

Despite lack of national determination, our big issue follows ruin the last regime is lack of partnership perception about what is happening which is the lack of national and decision center for behalf of our national interests.


Therefore the analysis and speeches of leaders is similar to journalists. The speeches and statements of intellectuals and journalists have not listening to, or it can be says do not deal with their perceptions and views. For instance, when we are talking about the matter of provinces elections including Kirkuk (the richest city of oil in Iraqi Kurdistan) and massive graveyards as a result of Anfal process by Saddam, there are not any centers which guide us and determine our direction toward the right way and explain to the whole individuals what is national reaction must do with such a national or destiny issues.


The duty of this national center or establishment must indicate: the first step and follows? How these steps link or complete each other? What is our cards and how we can use them? What techniques, scenarios, options and pressure tools that we can use against others? When we use card and when we negotiate?


Unfortunately, we have weakness thinking of national and political strategy. Our issues have done by personnel relations thus the solution is temporary. Internal separation and limitation of Kurds politician thinking beside many other problems have created strategic gap. Meanwhile, the priorities are not vivid, they have temporary dealt with the files, this makes to ignore those who are out of political circles.


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