Kurd, Coronavirus and the Westville Principles

Sardar Abdulla

There is no doubt; the world after Coronavirus will not be the same as previously. The reality is a dramatic change will happen in some doctrines and cases like the balance of power no one has imagined. The topic has a wide range and it is too early to discuss on its outcomes that’s why I concentrate on one point only.

During the outbreak of the fatal virus, the leaders across the world have declared to close their borders, the European countries particularly. Once again, they announced to revive closing their boundaries.

This process will remind us the Westville agreement instead of drawing the map of those countries; it brings the principle of changes in the European governance system, especially, international relations.

After (30) years of the bloody war in Europe, an agreement was born in (1648) and the main principles are:

Finalizing the authority of the church in terms of the policy, the responsibility referred to the government, to protect their existence, the states made a coalition to protect the balance of power.

The religious freedom had fixed, as a result, the churches lost their powers. Science and philosophy became a reason such an independent country like Netherland and Switzerland be born, for the first time the sovereignty of the state has fixed. Besides, the content of not involving other countries’ issues has stabled.

At least two reasons can be seen to say this subject is very significant for us or the Middle East in general, firstly, the principle of state sovereignty secondly, the interventions of state affairs.

In (1991) the decision of (688) of the Security Council was a reason to break the two fixed contents of the Westville agreement. At the same time, stabilizing globalization became the reason for the nature of omitting that content and the Westville impacts, however, when coronavirus spreads, it improves that globalization is not only humanity and economic collaboration while it is possible to say the world is diagnosed with an afflicted contagious. Also, it is worthy to say some of the intellectuals already have mentioned the terror globalization but they didn’t assume about such a threat like a coronavirus which spreads rapidly around the world.

The assumptions about the consequences of coronavirus on the world is not clear so far, but if it will become of the revitalizing the principles of the state sovereignty instead of intervention which is not a strong hypothesis, our nations and the rest across the world will not be endangered, except in one point which is built an independent state.

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