A city has not reconciled in 32 years

Nazakat Hussen
Media & Intelligence Adviser of Chawy Kurd Center

When saying city culture, it has mentioned to a culture of a city in areas of systems, life’s style, and movement which belongs to the historical identity of the city. Halabaja is a city that familiar with its special culture and norms in history. Halabaja is a city of center growing to poets, scholars, charismas and public figures. It is a city that welcomed cinema and cultural tools in last fifties. Any of movements and ideologies who went to the city could be able to emerge its followers easily because the people of the city believe in diversity. It is a city which in its history for several times survived in 1974, 1986 and 1988.

Halabja is a city which without participation of political parties could be able to rule itself during Sheikh, Bagh and Jaff rules. In the same time, Halabaj is a city of coexistence for all the religion equally, diverse tribes, respect women rights while feminism was not born at that time.

Red flowers are colored with the blood of victims; the herbs grow with the remains of the dead bones under the soil. The IDP is not backing home from abroad in order to reconcile with the streets. It has not been once the souls of martyrs took deep breath with the weather of the city. The streets have not redesigned very well. The youths of the city cannot be able to find suitable educational place to educate themselves and activate their capacity. Immigration to abroad and other Kurdistan region is another problem of the city. Furthermore, political conflicts do not allow the city to rebuild itself. The historical and tourism places are not protected and rebuild yet in order to tourists visit. Jobless and disappointments spread in the city. Few of govern officials visit the city due to listen to the habitation’s needs. Finally, if its situation keeps going on this way, he decided to do not reconcile.

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