Information in Coronavirus era

Nazakat Hussen
Media & Intelligence Adviser of Chawy Kurd Center

Information and knowledge are human’s thinking from mind to mind. A psychological marketing expert says "human’s psychology from Kaiser up to now is the same thing”. This does not mean that we all have the same psychology and thinking ways, but the matter is through diverse aspects, the same impacts are created on us such as dangerous, anxiety, happiness and disappointment etc…

British journalism syndicate gives caution to Britain Journalists "be aware in your report, no one has information on Covid-19, whatever you publish or broadcasts are directly effect on our people, we are making risk or quietness; we are giving awareness or encourage people to live with worries” In a tweet. We reach to the point that, at present the roles of media and journalists are very sensitive, they have to spread truth and be aware of people’s psychology.

The main duties of media should be:

1-Take much responsibility in spreading the news.

2-Within giving information about increased
numbers or deaths, they have to demonstrate on other side of the disease which is live after controlling the virus.

3-They should not merely focus on death and infected numbers; meanwhile they have to pay attentions on recovered and scientific studies to finding vaccine.

4-Interviewing those who recovered with the virus in order to impact the people’s psychology and take benefits from the ways they obtained in their recovering.

5-Do not display the halls of deaths and disease because these are directly impacts on psychologies of children and youths.

6-Produce comedic short films about healthy protection instructions in order to spread pleasures.

7-Medias should to take away from political and social confrontations, particularly in this era.

8-Avoid repeating dangerous statistics daily and even some channels more than twice in a day has leave risks and bad psychologies on humans. Because everyone need to take a rest after receive or hear dangerous information.

9-Concentrating on governing, healthy, security and charity efforts because these are giving relaxing moods to people. They think within outbreak the virus but still efforts of government and private sector are ongoing.

10-Do not using data about Covid-19 to increase followers or ranks because this information likened with life, death and people’s psychology.

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