Humanity and fear of Covid-19

Dana Manmy

Fear consider of one of the substantial phenomenon that have prominent characters in developing human’s Psychology. We cannot find any period of humanity without crossing fear controls, therefore fears determined as one of the most crucial factor that has paid more attentions by psychologists and arguments.

Fears sources of human’s feelings, on Televisions screen, outbreak of covid-19 from East to West, North to South show and it becomes big fears indoors of everyone. The Coronavirus has stopped every merchants, politics and social activities and transferred world from top of positive to worst situation, this is while stopped millions of job opportunities and poverty ratio is going to increase.

Humanity all are living in capitalism era, one of the appearances of this world’s capitalism is standing all against several problems and risks as: poverty, air pollution, population, and terror. Etc. these and many others are problems that need quick defend through global solidarity. Covid-19 shocked the world and has international character similar to other epidemics which goes from this side of world to other side without knowing borders. Those who are not protect himself from Covid-19 will face high fever and throat problem, therefore the only protection way of this plague is staying at home.

Human dreams are not a dream without fear and anxiety, the human dreams is full of fear and worries. The Covid-19 becomes a real threat on human dream over the world. Covid-19 destroys the dream of living all in a small village, instead of coexistence it is created the dream of separation among humans and communities.

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