Who is behind Islamic Loneliness?

Khalid Ranjdar

During period of stabling Israel in Palestine with supports of powers, only Muslim brotherhood led Islamic revolution and denies their rights. Additionally, in Imperialism era the religious movements led the revolutions.

At that time among imperialists as France and Britain was violence. The policy of France against Morocco was not sympathy, Britain in India and with some other Islamic countries had antagonist policy.

Follow the second war world, cold war has started amid US and Russia, the world has divided between both sides. The Islamic world referred to US and west sides. Meanwhile, Muslims had been helped in Islamic countries against Russia.

The cold war was become urgent issue at the end of 1979 by controlled Afghanistan because US inside gulf especially Saudi helped Islamic movements to enter Afghanistan and reacted Russia. Hereafter Islamic violence has started, after Afghanistan war finished US wanted to silent Muslims and took interests for himself.

Al-Qaida organization found, it is clear that they are violence and tried to take revenge from US. Sep 11, accidents complexes the problems more and thus violence by both sides has increased.

Attacking Afghanistan and ending Taliban caused of weakness Al-Qaida, but it was helped to build some small organizations. US Wars in Iraq in 2003 in years later has product Isis organization.

At present, Isis has finished, but a power like US has fear of spreading their ideology. Recently, Powers in their meetings merely work for oppress Muslims and its organizations instead of making dialogue for reducing the violence.

I believe, US and his allies do not want to end Islamic violence, but they want to control by themselves and relive them in anytime they want and vice versa.


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