Prime Minister or the US Apparatus

Hassan SHekhani
Chawy Kurd adviser of disputed areas

According to the material (81) of the Iraqi constitution, the Iraqi president Barham Salih can take the position of Prime Minister If Iraqi prime minister nominee Adnan Zurfi will not succeed. That position belongs to the Shia blocs as it mentions in the Iraqi constitution while the Shia blocs wouldn’t be successful among themselves in choosing one candidate that’s why the current prime minister candidate needs Kurds and Sunni supports in the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

Adnan Zurfi has more chances to achieve that post if he can achieve the Kurds, Sunnis and quite a few of the Shia lawmakers and would take a lesson from Muhammad Alawi’s arrogant and attempts.

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (IPMF) in Najaf and the Iraqi defense minister support Zurfi because Zurfi born in Najaf. Moreover, he can obtain the Iraqi highest point of Shia acceptance because he graduated at Najaf university department of Islamic jurisprudence which means a model religious man.

The personality of Zurfi differs from others because he has American citizenship, worked with (CIA) and he was Paul Bremer adviser for a year. Conversely, Alawi was the candidate of Iran, (IPMF) and Bina blocs in the Iraqi parliament.

Due to the unrest situation of Iran at the present in terms of economy, policy and the deadly virus, it may choose the silent way opposite Zurfi or Iran needs him to overcome its fatal crisis.

If Zurfi becomes the Iraqi prime minster there is possible a confrontation will happen between him and some of the Iraqi militias because he is against the forces outside the Iraqi army and law. Besides, nearly (110) lawmakers of Iraq will choose the opposition fronts like Sadir and Badir blocs, also, it may tension will happen inside the Iraqi Council of Representative among the members.

What shall Kurds do at the ongoing time?

1- Protecting unity among the Kurds political parties as they have done opposite Alawi.

2- In terms of the policy, it is not logical for the Kurdish leadership to oppose all the Iraqi nominees. Following their experiences, they can evaluate Zurfi’s program, to what extent he can implement the Kurd's requirements.

3- Implementing article (140) of the Iraqi constitution and the Kurdistan finance deserves.

4- Due to the inflation and deflation of the world economy, Kurdistan region has to abide the agreements that will conduct with the federal government like submitting the sum of the oil to Baghdad that both sides have dealt on it and the Iraqi government should pay the Kurdistan finance deserves, it is time to finalize this tension between Erbil and Baghdad and Kurdistan citizens do not suffer anymore because after coronavirus case the situation may going to explode.


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