Kurds are situated in the Strategy of the Great Portrait Permanently.

Kurdo Shaban

Does the Kurdish circumstance in general, southern Kurdistan particularly after the referendum has gone back and never returns once again? Or it becomes a part of the Kurdish reversion amidst the magnificent changes in the Middle East.

According to the English policy a fundamental change needs around 50 years. For example, Iranian royal power collapsed under the authority of Khomeini in 1979, according to the English speech, it is time for changing the Iranian current power. If we think accurately after passing 40 years what was happened to the Kurds and what will happen in the next ten years?

The first step of ruining stabilization in the Middle East was the long-lasting Iraqi and Iranian war. Via the western support, the Kurdistan revolution has started under the authority of Mr. Masoud Barzani while western didn’t want to destroy the Baath regime. The Kurds had disappointed the western after the September setback in 1975 but why they supported Kurd once again?

When Saddam had killed thousands of Kurdish innocent people then he invaded Kuwait, the reaction of the western was declaring an autonomous region for the Kurds without Kirkuk and Shingal which is called disputed areas.

After 1991 Turkey and Iran worked seriously to fire the interior war in southern Kurdistan, since 31, august, 1996 Iran tried with Kurdistan (PUK) party to invade Kurdistan, however, America has obliged the former Iraqi government to protect Kurdistan region against Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps by deploying its forces in Kurdistan.

After 2003 Iran has controlled Iraq in the area of policy and military, thus, America and the western terrified the power of Iran through Hamas and Hezbollah will reach to Israel.

After 10 years, Kurdistan has developed in all sectors dramatically, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) looked like an independent country, and Iran has scared the political circumstances of KRG. The Iranian leaders tried from the Iraqi Shia responsibilities to cut the KRG budget and they did, KRG has faced a terrible situation, Iran also tried to encourage people against KRG. Moreover, several Middle East countries had seen the same problem as, Yemen, Syria, Libya, etc.

After those entire outbreaks, an extremist Islamic group would appear (ISIS), at that time the first detrimental entity opposite that fanatic group was the Kurds whereas the Kurds under the leadership of Barzani and the boldness of peshmarga destroyed the legend of ISIS. The Kurdish unity had created an atmosphere they liberated all the Kurdistan disputed area for the first time.

President Barzani warned the Iraqi leaders to either return to pre 2013 or giving back the Kurdish debt like peshmarga budget or compensates the Kurdish people whom they had suffered under the authority of Saddam but the Iraqi leaders didn’t care about his awareness, then, the Kurdish citizen decided to separate from Iraq in the referendum process in 2017, as a result, 93 voted yes for the separation. Finally, under the power of Iran guards Iraq has invaded the disputed areas once again in 16thOctober 2017 while the Kurdish authorities have disappointed once again which the western and America would leave them but they didn’t because the Kurdish geopolitical situation is currently different.

When we are looking at the great picture, we realize that it is time to implement the changes that had been planned a long time ago. The next ten years will be the years of decisive determination about the fate of, Iran, Turkey, Saudi, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon; in that conclusive decision, the Kurdish circumstances will be better than now. If you want to know about that future of the Middle East, you have to visit the Kurdistan map which is larger than Turkey.


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