Does France melt the Ice of the Relationships between Iran and America?

Azad weledbegi

In August 25, 2019 the Iranian foreign minister Zarif visited Beatriz city in France suddenly which the G7 had met there. According to the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, France foreign minister has invited Zarif and he saw France president, foreign and financial ministers since Zarif had visited France 48 hours ago!

Macron said that the G7 wishes to have peace and tranquility in the area while they didn’t agree Iran becomes the owner of the nuclear bomb. This urgent visit illustrates France has stepped forward in mediating between America and Iran and the bilateral discussion will start soon. As the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says it is a consulting visit about the recent initiative of Macron but no meeting with the US will happen.

Zarif has written in a tweet "Iran doesn’t stop until reach to compatible conduct, after an exhaustive discussion with France president and foreign minister, then with Britain it is not easy way but we will try”.

In the beginning, the Americans didn’t accept France’s attempts when Tramp said "we don’t accept any representative to discuss with Iran”. Conversely, Le Drian responded Tramp; he said "we don’t take permission from anyone to decline the chaos and issues in the area”.

Up until now, no development would be seen but France’s main goal is to drop the conflicts, as Macron said it is assuming to have a meeting between Iranian present and tramp in the next few weeks which is predicted in the annual assembly of the United Nations in New York. Even previously Rouhani stated that for the sake of finding any solution to develop my country I am ready to start conversation with any individual, these statements of Iranian president was after a day of the visiting Iranian foreign minister which means Iran is ready to negotiate with America. Similarly, Tramp welcomed Macron’s suggestion if there is an appropriate circumstance.

France’s proposals may start a new relationship with both sides. Also, Iran may try to build a new financial space with the US, particularly, in the realm of oil in order to not obey the American’s pressures, likewise, America attempts to convince Iran on the table of discussion through those economic sanctions in order to make a deal about nuclear program and Iran’s provincial policy that will accept by America. But in a dramatic change of his former speech, Rouhani said we are not ready for any dialogue if the US won’t put away the economic sanction, correspondingly, Zarif said no direct discussion will anticipate between Iran and America presidents.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, any discussion with America needs the agreement of the supreme leader (Rahbar) who refuses any negotiation with America; he says "if someone speaks with America he will poison once, if he sits with them he will poison twice”. For that reason Rouhani has changed his attitude because the supreme leader is the owner of Iran’s decision. However, Trump is not going to change his decision opposite Iran as he promised to the American citizens in the presidential campaign, also, creating an international coalition to protect gulf security and Hormoz strait against Iran is developed the conflict between both sides. For that reason it is not predicted France can melt the ice of the relationships between Iran and America.


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