Significant of issuing law project of creating National Media

Luqman Mustafa Salih

Similar to importance of national congress to unit political parties in different parts of Kurdistan with different ideologies among them, the national media is very important to impose unit and national unity.

The duty of Kurdistan Parliament is to negotiate a law project or request the specialties in this area to discuss this subject and prepare a project then submit to the parliament because in only in southern Kurdistan we have a parliament. Additionally, making national media is necessary for today. The project has its roles for Kurdistan in order to support or making national congress. Meanwhile, national media develops and keeps Kurdish identity and national culture which under risks because of trading media.

Another duty of national media is expanding and servicing Kurdish real roles in political arena for democracy and liberation to unite the whole entities. The national media should not become a source of distribution of people.

As a result, we can say that the only national media will become a source of making national congress; meanwhile, it becomes a source of keeping national culture to recognize the real Kurdish education and arts. The roles of these parts are very crucial in introducing of Culture and arts on international and regional levels.


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