Deceiving Crime

Luqman Mustafa Salih

Ongoing traditions in society will become a culture of that society, if we do not work for changing the culture, then this culture will transfer to new generations.


Deceiving in our daily life is unrelated to individuals or group’s awareness, certifications, cities, and work places, but deceivers for behalf of their private and temporary interests are trying to betray others.


These types of individuals have not advantages for societies and do provide any good jobs except leaving their bad impacts and will not provide any inventions or developments.


At present, there are several samples of deceives from individuals to high officials, local enterprises and foreigners: we can measure their as follow:


First: Individuals or small groups deceive handicaps, poor and mindedness. They give them some promises just to get amounts of money without bring them back. .


Second: on powers, some officials when get responsibilities at establishments, they use their power for behalf of their personnel interests.


Third: on local and foreign enterprises, some of them exchange their employee’s foods or meals to bad qualities. Additionally, there were some unreal companies which promised to government employee giving them cars by monthly payments.


Fourth: on business, imitating logos and business signs. Some of companies want to imitate well-known companies’ logos or names to their owns without mentioning its original names.


Legal punishment:


The punishment for mentioned deceives is:


According to Iraqi constitute modified article No. 456,457,458,459 are about deceiving crimes.


Article 456


The crimes will be sentence into jail from (3 months to years) if:

1.Using deceiving methods.

2.Motivate others for deceiving.

At a result, receiving capital in illegal ways, while it’s a crime and has its punishments, meanwhile, it has seen as a disgusting action in society. Therefore, truth and real deals is the best action to escape from deceives punishment.


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