Nation Building and Marketing a Nation


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Building statue and main components of nation as value has great role in this diplomatic strategies. That means redefine and give new models of nation and its members in order to develop the country toward abroad. Building main statues of nation as "building logic and ideology” has looking as nation building which belongs to ways of existing nations. While nation building has related to domestic process which includes groups and political assembly are trying to avoid of arising cultural, national, language and religion gaps. Marketing a nation is comes first and then providing merchant works in a way that effect attentions of foreign tourist.

While in some tiny countries that has weaken military ability can take benefits from nation marketing and developing some special identity in abroad in triumph way to achieve the main goals of foreign policy or recognition by international organizations.

Meanwhile, strategies of marketing nation can have internal impacts because it has been activated by governments for behalf of achieving dignities and esteems among nation itself and unity of community as well. But if we notice in through negative side, thus marketing nation, may the government used to prohibit criticism inside the country and weaken the political hostiles.

More precisely, it means linking government policy with identity and national interests, moreover, ignorance political consultants if foreign people have not concerns to that nation’s interests.

Therefore, programs of nation building and marketing nations as an alternative are present everywhere, here we have to demonstrate on the point that benefits and opportunities of this strategy depend on historical, demographic, cultural, social and economic circumstances of the communities.

Regards to invaded countries who have divided community on diverse layers and groups and having weak economic establishments, here marketing nation are more success in.

In such cases, opportunities of national building and creating main nation’s components is somehow limited because of lack of historical backgrounds for identity and reputation of mutual nations.

By following strategies of policy "Cut and Control” Netherlands has made some diverse cultural and social establishments to each social layers and cultural groups to his under control’s states. This was reason of arising unified nation. In the primary stages of national movements, some of groups within strengthen organization had steps toward their origin states. Despite these, majority of these groups want to work for behalf of reaching freedom, economic, politics, social and cultural targets.

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