Broken “Private life” from Media and Social Media


Karzan Mohamad PhD
Journalist & University Lecturer

Private life is basic right in Media works, thus it has been protected its limitations, while because of complexity of media experts yet could not consider unified term.

The appearance of term of "Private life” belonged to Nineteen Century when both American lawyers "Samuel Darin and Luis Brandi” in a result of "Yellow Newspaper” attacks on private life, They published an investigation in 1890 s entitled "private life rights” who called for keeping private life during that time in laws of the era.

Nowadays, diverse views have appeared on defining "private life” who tries to recognize life in the context of privacy.

According to Edward president of Newchirsis University "private life means protects and respects the persons”.

There is another view who believe that "everyone has rights to defeat himself and rest of his family either physically or giving knowledge about themselves”

Generally, the whole definitions of terms of private life are concentrating on 6 major subjects:

1.People have lonely rights.

2.limit interventions on other’s private life, and prohibit any evil interventions.

3.Keeping secrets of some society’s affairs.

4.Keeping personal information.

5.Support personalities and dignity of people.

6.Provide frankly rights for people.

Briefly¸ in the above six mattes, human rights have been concentrated on in a way which everyone have rights to live alone and keep their privacy, meanwhile, respects his honorary and personality as well.

Private life basically includes four sides:

First: Information Privacy includes financial, Emails and texts etc., in condition which these information are not relate to public life.

Second: Bodily Privacyprotects humans in his body during medicine examinations and chromosomes.

Third: Communication Privacy is security of electronic posts, phones and communications as well.

Fourth: Place Privacy is keeping rights of places that humans are living in as home address, family status and some other places in condition which do not relate with public life.


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