Coronavirus Trauma, the Universal Ethics and Conflicts


Adil Qadry

Albert Camus has mentioned two contents in the novel of (The Plague) that are (defense and escape), thus the theme of the novel concentrates on the ethical issues, here ethic has a comprehensive core, the impacts will appear in the real times, otherwise, no community can rescue without discipline and a tight frame of ethic.

The novel is located in Algeria Oran city. This article mentioned three characters of the novel such as Doctor Bernard Rieux as a major character, father Planeload and Raymond Rambert as a journalist. The novel discusses the plague as epidemic disease and the role of the three mentioned characters in accordance with their ethical responsibilities opposite the disease, for instance, Dr. Rieux’s duty has rescued the patients, father Planeload as priest and Rmabert as a journalist and the disease infected. The theme of the novel is mixed with the behaviors of the participant's ethics then how they deal and pass that horrible situation.

Our major point is how to deal with the present time, the question is, is there any reason to hide such a homicide virus like Corona and looking at it as a normal matter? Is there any medicine to defend and destroy this virus? Two contents are related to the response, the first one is power and the second one is ideology.

The history of finding Coronavirus is referred to the end of (2019) via a Chinese doctor his name is (Li Wenliang) who died on the February of (2020) by the same virus, for a political reason the Chinese government hide this fatal virus, after few days it announced when it was going to ruin a city which called Wuhan. There are different hypotheses to interpret this situation, firstly, is the virus using as a biological war to destroy the economy of China by America? Secondly, does America attempt to increase its authority in China? Fourthly, is this virus one of the fanatic trick and unethical experiments of the giant countries?

Actually, two interests are seen with power obviously, Bazar and more Authority while at that time there are lots of narration about this virus: one says this virus has transported from bat to the insects then to the human beings! Another say the virus has come from the snake! And so on. So, the reality is not clear so far. Thus, we have to concentrate on the theory of conspiracy! Suspect on power and its games! A power creates trauma and terror then will show through the media in order to expand its interests in the bazaars. It the situation to say human is nothing just a useless property and it is time to bury them.

For instance, in an ideological power like Iran, they describe Corona as a God examination. The religious gathering is still continuing in Qum city, the city which has found the virus for the first time in Iran. However, the world media show a horrific situation in Iran and the news spreads among people.

People are psychologically ruined even they have lost the power of thinking; the cities are looking quite calm. Finally, I say is the destiny of human not being an ethical issue in this hazardous game? Is the life human value has not such a value we cannot discuss it?

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