Public Relations and the Art of Etiquette


Bahaddin Ahmed
Assist Prof at Sulaymanyeah polytechnic University

The science of public relations is one of the significant and modern human sciences, currently, it studies in the academic centers and universities around the world, this science introduced as an item of business and management first, and then it separates and becomes an independent subject.

For the first time this science has studied in America and after the industrial revolution identified in Europe and it progressed.

Public relations (PR) grammatically divide into two syllables (public – relations). Concerning its definition, there is no a concrete definition to this content so far, one of the basic definitions to this content is belonging to the British public relations institute which it says, (PR) is the practice of deliberately managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization. At the same time, World Assembly of Public Relations Associations in Mexico City in August (1978) defines (PR) as an "art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organization leaders, and implementing planned programs of action which will serve both the organization’s and the public interest”.

What are the main Principles of (PR)?

1-The organized social responsibility

The philosophy of theories emphasizes on the unity, foundation and a transparent system in order to have a direct impact on the environmental changes locally and externally.

2-Respecting the individual ideas

The philosophy of (PR) should be established on respecting personal freedom. At the same time, the individuals have to respect the value and sacredness of the community, do not breach the general freedoms and protect the population rights.

3- Does not hide the truths from the nation

Hiding the facts and information through the organizations is not is opposite the transparency, it causes losing trust and creating doubt through people. Similarly, it makes a gap and spreads propaganda between people and the foundations; as a result, the organizations lose their trust opposite population.

4- Following good manner and ethical principles. The philosophy of (PR) has built on the bases of justice and honesty. The (PR) tries to work on uniting the behaviors and speeches, the foundations work to implement those promises that have given to the citizens.

5- Working on scientific researches in their activities. One of the important duties of the organizations is emphasizing on scientific researches which are using questionnaire and interview in order to know about citizenship’s life while such work requires smart and experts.

6- Public relations are a communal process reshuffles internally and start externally. Any organization in this world needs to start its first point locally due to obtaining its goals, in addition, it is possible to identify its employer and employees to the philosophy of working and programs, everyone knows his/her responsibility opposite the opportunities and performances.

What is Etiquette? It is the art of well-behaving with the opposite and surrounding people.

1-Objectivity: means introduce yourself first, accepting the critiques and the opinion of your opposite due to appraise yourself.

2- Good manner: is one of the specialists of a successful person in the field of (PR) and diplomacy work.

3-Simplicity: everyone has to focus on his/her capability and boundary in order to not interfere with other issues. Moreover, you have to be an ordinary person in order to share your advantages to your surroundings.

4-Patience: the person who works in this field has to be tolerant and quiet.

5-Rationality: this realm needs a person psychologically controls his/her emotion and sensitivity, thinking deeply and make the decisions.

What are the specialties of (PR) cadres?

1-Having a strong personality: the person should be impressive and has such an ability to attract his/her surroundings. In addition, taking care of other duties.

2-Having a capacity of relation or connection: the person should be educated, know different languages, having experts in the field of media and so on.

In conclusion, we can say both public relations and etiquette are two tighten forms theoretically and practically; they concentrate on the peerless ethics and high value with common people and foreigners. Furthermore, protecting the interests of the community and respecting their views, working to achieve their appeals in the frame of feeling responsibility opposite the community entities.




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