Erdogan and Put End of a Compulsory Marriage


Daho Salim
University Lecturer

After Syrian regime and Russia have decided to control the last military base of the Syrian opposition in Idlib and west of Aleppo, according to the Sochi agreement Turkey has built (13) controlling points in the area, Turkey tried to prohibit the Syrian regime while Russia and Syria didn’t care on Turkey’s reactions, they persisted on controlling those places which under the control of militias that supported by Turkey.

The Asaad regime has controlled Saraqib the balance of power became on the benefit of Asaad. The whole international routes returned back to the Syrian regime once again. Thus, last week the Syrian opposition alongside the Turkish forces attempted to control Saraqib town but the Russian and Asaad forces confronted them and couldn’t let to lose that strategic town another time.

So, the situation got worse, in an airstrike, Syria has killed a great number of Turkish soldiers but according to the reports the attack has made through the Russian air forces because Syria doesn’t have such a capability to do such an attack.

A confounded point needs to focus on it was the place that Russia and Syria attacked because that place wasn’t a battle zone. According to the military interpretations Turkey has planned to control the main roads of Hama, Latakia and the Mediterranean Sea, so the Russians figured out the Turkish plots, the Russians made an initiative and buried Erdogan dreams, finally, a tenth of Turkish soldiers have killed in the bilateral Syria and turkey forces. The Turkish agency reports around (35) have soldiers have killed, however, the Syrian agencies have declared around (100) soldiers killed in that attack.

At the beginning of the Arab Spring, Turkey has announced its cooperation and coordination with the Syrian opposition, the Turkish government and (AKP) worked seriously to destroy the Asaad regime. In contrast, the Russians have declared their moral and material support to the Asaad government in (2015).

After turkey disappoints in changing the Syrian regime, it starts opposing the Kurdish entity in northern Syria and west of Kurdistan. At that time an agreement connection was done between Turkey and Russia. In that frame, lots of agreements were conducted about give and taking land between both sides. Finally, the Russian switched on the green light to Erdogan due to invading some areas of west of Kurdistan on the other side Turkey withdraws in some areas of the Syrian opposition land such as Firat armor operation, Turkey has invaded Jarablus and Azaz areas, olive branch to occupy Avrin and spring peace Turkey entered Sarekane and Grespi Towns.

Although after (2016) Turkey closed to Russia and Iran while the relationship between Turkey (NATO) and the US got worst, even Turkey is an active member of (NATO), but their relations weren’t lasting long, that’s why the end of the marriage between Putin and Erdogan is going to implement. Hence, Turkey has to use cards either to leave the Syrian opposition or confronts the Russian Army.

In order to hide his embarrassment sweats Erdogan has tried to enforce Russia and the Syrian regime to start negotiation but neither Asaad nor Putin didn’t agree to discuss with Erdogan and they believed that military treatment is the only solution.

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