Ottoman and forgery of Kurdish history


Bakir Shwani
Writer & translator

Turkish republic after its establishment in 1923 applied the project of "one community, one nation, one language, one culture and one history”, but soon Turkish identified that Kurds are the main hindrances of activating this scheme.

Turkish by forces obliged Armenians to immigrate for other states and killed several of them in 1915 Genocide; it was the same for people of Greece whom sent back to Greece in the context of project of "big exchanges”. Thus merely Kurds become hinders in front of Turkish state.

To improve this evidence, Kurds in the first eight years of the republic upraised many times against wrong policy of the new republic. The policy of new republic has been starting since last years of Othman Empire. The policy derived by association of Union and development. Headquarters of this associationsince 1913 have completely controlled power and the powerful leaders were among them who were "Anwar, Talaat and Jamal Pasha”. They were took power after First War World in order to practice the concept of "One- Nation State”.

The association found a directorate which its function specialized to researches, deriving policy, effective plans, aborting Kurds and other nations under Ottoman Empire. Their first duty was concentrating on Esimlassion policy through researches and publishing books.

The directorate follows publishing a book on Allawis and this time published stranger book about Kurds, entitled "Kurds –historical and social research” within Turkish language.

According to the information on the book, it has published by Berlin Western Academia and its author is Doctor Fritch Germanic author. The quick reactions on the book, even by Kurds were being pleased of written a book on their case. While you read the book (388 pages), you cannot find any motivational factors of pleasures because the book critically explores some theories which extremely deny of having a nation named "KURDS”. It declares that Kurds had not roles in history and they had not their independent language. In sum, the association of Union and development has started the policy of aborting and destroying Kurdish dream and existence.

Regarding to context of this book, each of Dr. Ismail Beshkichi and Alishan Akpnar- researcher mention there is not names of "Fritch”, and the book has been written by security employee names "Habil Adam” his real name is "Naji Ismail Palister”. But due to emerge intentional and regional concerns on the book, the author in forgery steps used imaginary name of "Dr. Fritch” and provided as a product of Berlin Academia. Akpnar visited Germany and some of European countries in order to find Dr. Fritch, but he could not find anyone within this name.

What have been clear for everyone, Palister has written several books but under different names, such as (Habil Adam – Translator, Dr. Fritch, Frilitch, Professor Jons Mol, Professor Vait, Professor Libah) if you notice that the last one is his name, but by reading from the end. Meanwhile, he used Tabrezi Naji and some other names.

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