Kurdish Identity and Policy


Adil Qadry

The notion of identity has its own meaning, in any culture or history and discourse is another system of literary construction of that culture. In this way, this content is not specialized in the world thought and the western imagination, and then it is not new content.

It is possible to return this term to the ancient era even before appearing the religions and myth period. According to the Kurdish community, this term was born in the political and revolutionary space.

The disasters of any culture and history do not start only from lacking science and knowledge while it will relate to the hazard direction which means you are not mentally and scientifically being a politician. As it is felt in our community since the Kurdish individual avoids that feeling and working to obtain that knowledge. There is a question here, where are the political image and ideology in the Kurdish community? What is the policy in the Kurdish community? As Aristotle said, "we are self-politician” this speech of Aristotle is the best expression for the current Kurdish situation.

When the desire of finding an identity and requiring identity tighten together, which is a tiny dream of the policymakers in a clannish community, consequently, no one will survive.It is too difficult to speak about Kurdish identity is how to work hard through different directions and how to collect them early and new information. Identity is my desire as a person in the world; an individual is free from his/her ideology and bureaucracy even from parliament, municipality, academia and university.

In my opinion, identity is a capability that doesn’t mean liberty but it is giving life in the twenty-first century which is a cyclone around reality and moaning. For me, identity is the right to life in order to understand death via language and our affection.

For me the word of mother expresses the feeling and emotion, this opinion belongs to the language of (Mahui, Nali, Wafai, and Hemin).

I think language is not a social creature and a national element or a package of signature as Sosor said. Moreover, language is a (phenomenology form) a phenomenon experience that exists in accordance with its growing level of history, religion and philosophy. Finally, I would like to say identity is a desire to understand and self-growing even the skies and earth will not adopt it.

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