Naming Goran: Hawramis in history

Basically, Goran is a name of huge Kurdish group who speak Goran dialects. Indeed, Goran and Hawrami are similar through their language. This study concentrated on historical evidences to improve their Kurdish
Mids were just Kurd’s rulers not nation, which today in some of historical investigations mentioned their name as a “Nation”.

Sorran Hama Rash

Many times, I have declared that what are present today about Kurdish history are humors. This objectives more than Kurds is crucial more other nations as Persian, Arabs and Turks because they want to take out Hawramis, Gorans and Zazas from Kurdish nation by belonging to themselves.

Firstly, we have to be aware that Hawramis, Gorans and Zazas languages are belonged to one part of Kurdish language within little dissimilarity. Therefore, when we named "Goran” this means others "Zaza and Hawrami”. The origin of Groan has several thoughts of interpretations. Those who tried to interpretative the name have been affected by imagination and being Kurds to Zardashty. Thus without showing historical evidences, they were belonged the origin of Goran to the name of "Gabran” who were those who believed Zardashty during Islam’s appearance and the name has been changed to "Goran”. This notion has occupied ideology of Kurd’s minds because Goran has long history than Islam which was "Gabran” then during Islam, this used to disbelievers to Islam. For instance, every historical and statues have been named "Gaur”. The words of "Gauran” came from "Gabran” their relation is clear, but with the word of "Goran” are different and are not the same name.


Goran’s history is before Islam which is about two thousand years before now in Greece’s historical sources has mentioned the name of "Mid, Goran, and Saraparayee”. Greece called them "Goran”. In my previous analysis, I have mentioned that Mids were just Kurd’s rulers not nation, which today in some of historical investigations mentioned their names as a "Nation”. That is why in this text their names comes together as a group "Mid, Goran, and Saraparayee” in order to make obvious that they are not nation. On the other hand, approximately two thousand and seven hundred years ago, several times in Assyrian texts has mentioned the name of Gorans in Kurdistan.


As it has been declared that, historical evidences, two thousand and seven hundred years ago were talking about Gorans. Meanwhile, according to Islam more than thousand and hundred years ago has used Kurdish dialects and mentioned that these are Kurdish and there is not different between "Kurds and Gorans”.


In the same time, in Kurdish poems Goran and Hawrami are proud of being Kurds. The most ancient sign that we have today is referred to them. They are similar to other parts much proud of their being Kurdish. But, then divided Kurdistan among Turkey and Iran has destroyed this reality for their behalf and because of their political purposes, they tried to separate and rescind this part of Kurdish history and culture.


Indeed, due to developments of Kurdish culture, today crucial parts of Kurdish literature is Hawrami and thousand poems of Hawrami and Goran which mostly were about Yrisan religion self-esteem. We can say that significant part of Kurdish music is Hawrami Music, which Kurds without them is like a "body without soul” because a long to history they were an important part of ancient history of Kurds. The entire evidences improve that they are an essential of Kurdish nation, but unfortunately, Kurdish academic centers are not aware of this reality and there is nothing about it which deserved to this subject.

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