State amid Kurdistan and South Sudan

South of Sudan has not its flag till independence, while Kurds for century has its own flag.
Juba is the capital of South of Sudan, its habitation live under tiny houses without electricity and other public services. This is in a case which we hear that south brought half of county’s revenue

Wehab Hassib Mohamad
Translator& Lecturer at Charmo University

What are the similarities and differences between Kurdistan region and South Sudan?


A Kurdish journalist after a visit to Sudan answered this question in a cover of his book entitled "state between Kurdistan and South Sudan”. It is about 200 pages, written by Ahmad Zaweity published by Zaman press in Damascus.


Southern Sudan

Name: republic of South Sudan, it is neighbor with Congo republic from South, Eastern south is Uganda, in the East is Kenya and it is north neighbor is Sudan.



Habitations: 8,260,490 people (2008 statistics)

Official language: English

Govern system: Presidency

Individual capita: 238 USD (2016 survey).


Arabic Media in Kurdistan and Sudan

Zaweity in his book says "once I was in a conference, my colloquies were from Iraq, Sudan, Mauritania and Egypt... etc. They were managed Al-Jazeera Channel in Arabic countries. During a discussion, my Sudan’s friend precisely were talking about his country and complained Arabic Countries, in a way which how they opt silent on Sudan’s problems” Zaweity entered their negotiation and asked "why Arabic media stances is different on Kurdistan region?”.



We and they: Language, flag and national anthem


Up to day Sudan people has not its own language, at present, instead of selecting Arabic language they indicated English to use around the country. This is in a time which Sudan’s epics, novels, poems and language registered by Arabic Language.


Zaweitywrote "Flag is one of the most features, and then I understood that the flag that has been held on buildings in Sudan is flag of Sudan liberty people army because till the independence of the country they had not their flag.


Another feature is national anthem, during my investigation on this issue; I reached a point, which, Sudan made a committee among poets for behalf of preparing national anthem. However, Kurds has not problems regards to this matter compare to Sudan.


According to the differences of Kurdistan, Zaweity mentioned that "on my comparing point on Kurdistan, I have reached a point that Kurds advanced more, Kurdistan flag is the same flag that (Qazi Mohamad) held in the Chwarchra arena, the flag has not any criticism on”.


National anthem of Kurdistan (Ay Raqib) was result of strives and struggles of Kurdish. Additionally, the anthem has kept on from generation to generations. The Kurdish revolutionary is differing than other nations, which before his dreams of independence become true has its flag and national anthem.


Study’s program


Another field that has been mentioned in his book is study’s program. Kurdistan education program is more developed than Sudan. In Sudan they have numerous efforts to omit the Arabic language’s footprints by some of experts; in contrast, some others are not serious on this matter. This is diverse to Kurdistan. Kurdistan has not this problem because centuries ago we have our written language. Economic infrastructure of Kurdistan is more differ than Sudan; there are several schools, Universities and institutes in Kurdistan region.

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