(The Jewish State) a Book every Kurdish Individual has to Read

Theodor Herzl mentioned some points in his book due to becoming a successful state.

Sallahaddin Kurdistani

Theodor Herzl mentioned some points in his book due to becoming a successful state.

Building a state on the basis of destitute

More than forty years working on a theory of building a state to the Jewish while most of the Jewish people didn’t believe to succeed but it was, Israel instead of fragment people to the world, they had neither moral nor material support.

There is a question for us as a Kurd, our circumstances are better than the Jewish, why we have no state so far? Two points have been felt, first, no mutual volition, second, till now the Kurdistan state hasn’t been constructed in the Kurdish individual mind and thought.

Figuring out the social and economic system of your era

When France penalized a Jewish officer due to spying for Germany, socially affected on Theodor and later he would think about the Zionist state. Furthermore, he focused on the intensifying economy for their future state.

Conversely, we don’t know to what extent we are working with world economic security yet.

Having a plan in order to organize time and prevent jobless

Theodor concentrated on the value of time, he says everyone must work seven hours per day. Unfortunately, the value of time has been neglecting, if we scientifically measure the working time in our region it can be two hours for a person each day.

Revitalizing language at the edge of devastation

When the Jewish left their first country to Palestine, they got permission to use their diverse language or shared language such as English until they learn their native language (Hebrew). But Kurdish language has been affected by three colonies language, for instance, Turkey, Arabic and Persian in all sectors of life.

We require a state to unify us

Kurds have its own land for a long while but they have been remaining stateless under the rule of foreigners while the Jewish didn’t have country whereas today they have because the name of their state is in their minds and worked for it pragmatically.

The point that we are thinking about it is having no will via the Kurdish elites and policymakers except President Masoud Barzani who works for Kurdistan independence.

People classes and their responsibilities

Theodor emphasized on the capability and specialty of the Jewish individual in building a Jewish state, he believed that those two points became the successful point of a state. In contrast, the opposite is true in Kurdistan. The majority of our citizens are consumers.

Using data and information for better managing the works

Theodor worked to know about the Jewish company’s fortunes and investments at that time and estimating the Jewish lands or houses and how to sell in order to build their destiny in Israel. In contrast, the Kurdistan region doesn’t concentrate on accurate data for better administration so far.

Creating a neutral military force and eliminate the religious men form policy

Theodor believed that a strong Israeli army must be neutral, away from religion and the Israeli political parties. However, in Kurdistan, the political parties manage the military forces and the religious people have a great impact on the policy of the region. Thus, I hope the new cabinet that carried the slogan of reform will start its reformation in all sectors, particularly, the two mentioned points.

Innovate a new generation with a new notion

Theodor at the peak of his project mentioned the name of a new generation and growing them with a better education system. In contrast, Kurdistan still has a problem with education system.

Finally, if we want to stay alive, we have to work on Kurdistan independence seriously. If we don’t do, in the next 20 years Kurds will become the minority in Erbil and Sulaimani.


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