Wearing Kurdish cloths in formal establishment of Kurdistan region


Academic Board of the Center
Academic Board of the Center

Our Center arranged open debate for some intellectual and politicians in order to negotiate about suggestions of wearing Kurdish cloths in official Kurdistan region government ministry of culture on Tuesday, August 20, 2019.


In the debate participants explain that there is "no illegal obstacle in front of the suggestion and it’s a start of relive Kurdish culture of wearing Kurdish cloths, but meanwhile, they believe that this suggestion require some details of issuing some rules. Finally may this decision will become a start of implementing on entire KRG establishments”.


Participants are:


1.Omar Abdurrahman (attorney).

2.Babkir Drayee (General Director of Sulaiman cultural basement.

3.Sorran Sewkani

4.Nazakat Hussein PhD - University Lecturer

5.Saman Salih Faraj University Lecturer and journalist.

6.Shaho Othman Seid Qadir representative of Sulaimani bookstore

7.Nawzad Salih Mohamad PUK member of media institute.

8.Choman Hama taqe Writer

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