Kaway Assigner was a Kurdish legend hero or “Foe”

Those who are writing about Kurdish history must respect culture, history and take responsibility in dealing with situations.
There are many efforts for collapsing Kurdish culture, form and history. For preventing this historians must be aware.

Sorran Hama Rash

The Kawa history has been narrated in different ways for new generations. But for the whole both Kawa and Nawroz become a symbol of denying parts of Kursih national identity. Meanwhile, Kurdish colonizes have felt to the importance of these symbols and they tried to destroy them.


In 2018, when Turkish militias entered Afrin (one the Kurdish famous city in Syria) quickly break down the statues of Kawa and refused this Kurdish symbol. This was not the first time for Kurdish Hostiles to do it, in last Eighties when in Sulaimani (The Kurdish city in Southern part) few days later, the Baath regime destroyed the statue by bulldozer. These are only two examples; there are no doubts that there are numerous of other samples in other parts. But the gloomiest point is Kurdish themselves because they seem like to forget his history through reducing Kawa’s role.


The reason of making reduce the role of Kawa belongs to identify Kawa as an "enemy or Mercenary” through two different ideologies: one believes that celebrating Nawroz is not appropriate with our religion. The second thorough their nationalist’s view recognize Kawa as a Perisan hero. Therefore, in recent years the History of Kawa faced hostile’s campaigns.


Those who have this negative view about Kawa depend on one basic information which is the last MID king was "Ajdahak, Hejdiha, Astiak, Zwhak”. In the reality the name of MID Kurdish king name means "Ajdiha”. The only source they depended on was the wrong names’ similarity.


They only depended on this without any historical sources, Kawa was Persian and Ajdahak was MID king. The Persians used this faked story against Kurdish. Therefore, they decided Ajdahak was a good man and in contrary Kawa was Persian and Kurdish enemy.


According to historical sources, this Kurdish legend king was not Persian by their ancestors. What’s happening today is unawareness of some Kurdish authors who mixed and destroyed the truth of this history. The history which was becomes a significant part of our culture.


The entire of these false views was outcome of similarities of two names. Both kings have not relates together. The history of Kawa and Ajdahak has narrated in diverse ways. Never the history of these two kings was a problem of two nations.


Some of the Kurdish author’s reaction was very clear which was against their nation’s traditions and humorous of it.


There is no doubt that the heroes of Kawa has linked to our forms, history and has deep roots should not withdrawal from it. There must respect Kawa forever and look at it as our national struggle symbols. Additionally, should make Kawa sculpture everywhere and recognize it as our legend symbols against unfair.There are many efforts for collapsing Kurdish culture, form and history. For preventing this historians must be aware.


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