Shifting Iran’s currency: its bearings on Kurdistan region


Academic Board of the Center
Academic Board of the Center

Chawy Kurd center for political development held a panel for some economist specialists; inventors and businessmen entitled "omitting zeroes on Iran’s currency and its impacts on Kurdistan region’s financial issue” on Wednesday August 8, 2019.


In the panel, some University lecturers have attended. All together emphasized on both negative and positive impacts on this decision by Islamic republic of Iran, in sum, most of the participants believe that this decision will not impact on Kurdistan regions’ markets.


The participants include:

1.Kamaran Ahmad Hama PhD

2.Yunis Ali Ahmad PhD

3.Xalid Haidar PhD

4.Sheikh Atta Mohamad Nuri

5.Nawzad Sheikh Kamil

6.Burhan Sheikh Rauf

7.Amir Bakir Othman

8.Khasraw Hamarashih

9.Ayman Sheikh Mohamad

10. Hardy Azad Omar

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