Today one of the significant hidden sides of massive graves has been declared which seems Tyamur is the one who lead the observing teams in finding the massive grave.
If I was Kurds, I would take my Dad’s Watch and left this country.

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Tyamur is the real character in "Kanan Makyeah” book; he is the only escaped person from Anfal process (a process similar to holocaust that Saddam regime did against Kurds). He had to be like all others dead in massive graveyards in Iraqi deserts as Samawa. Kanan the author of the book in the last eighties interviewed Tyamur and recorded his story which he escaped alone and his entire family had been killed by forces while they were alive. After the interview Kanan left Taymur without mentioned his place.


Today the hidden side of the massive graveyard unfastened, it looks like Taymur helped the teams to find location. The published pictures of victims indicate that these are the remains of Kurds victims in Anfal process. Among the images, there is a hand watch which seems we look for the enterprise name, after I have zoomed the image; it looks Jovial because at that time Jovial was the most used hand watch.


There are several factors that make us to think more deeply about the catastrophe because after thirty years the Watch tell us that the this is a crime which we never ever can forget and explained us how Baith regime killed Kurds, then Bulldozers bring sands and put on them as Taymur narrated to Kanan.


Despite Kurds dead bodies in Samawa desert, there are Shia and Kuwaiti, but why Iraqis accepted this area among other places in Iraq is the issue of observing scientific teams for massive graves. There is an understanding for choosing the location which is the place must be far from the land of victims in order to cut the sympathy relations. Meanwhile, this looks like Baith wanted to make difficulty the process of searching dead bodies by Kurds and this place was the most appropriate place for their target.


Baith period is continues, we have to prepare ourselves for more massive graveyards. Among Iraqi Baith which now become Isis, Syrian Baith whom similar to Iraqi alliance product massive graves. We should recognize a massive graveyard has identity; many people in Syria clapped for Saddam and Iraqis clapped for Bashar Assad while their relative in Saddam’s graveyards.


I was Kurds, I would take my Dad’s had watch and left this country.


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