The Gwadar Port; new World’s Direction

The aim of china-Pakistan economic corridor (CEPC) is a huge economy project between China and Pakistan which links western China to Northern Pakistan.
According to some global resources, US plans to revival Taliban movement for making chaos and ending expands of China

Hemn Saeed

The aim of china-Pakistan economic corridor (CEPC) is a huge economy project between China and Pakistan which links western China to Northern Pakistan. They have decided to build many tourist, economy, industry and energy projects on the road. The project consists of a road train way, bridges and oil pipes with 3000 km from Shanghai Chine’s city to Gwadar port in Pakistan.


The purpose of this project is to transfer goods as oil and gas productions China’s local productions to global through Gwadar port. This project is one of the China Belt and road Initiative by China’s President Shi Jin Bing.


The idea of making this project belongs to Robert Kaplan a geographic expert entitled of "geography and political geography” which has been published on Atlas magazine in 2009. In his writing, he concentrated on the importance of Gwadar area as geopolitical position and joint point between the Middle East with China’s Shanghai. Moreover, the project is joining China to the Middle East and Africa. Another advantage of this project is shorting 9000 km roads to 3000 km road. As soon as after publishing the article on the magazine, Pakistan’s powers started to work on the project. For four years they make it as a n project and have negotiated with China until in 2013 by China’s president in the context of imitative one belt on road has announced the project. Finally in 2015 they signed on the project includes 51 agreement between both sides.


The period of finishing the project is 15 years from 2015 to 2030 and the tuition of project is 46 billion US dollars. China plans to make productions with 64 billion Dollars.


The main purpose of this project is shorting and making easy process of transfer goods into China in a very short time to the Middle East and Africa.


The project includes four steps, firstly, creating and building for four years. Second step is appearance of the project which means positive side of the project; this step starts from 2018 to 2020. The third project is called the middle step which is for 5 years from 2020 to 2025. The last step is called final step he period of work in this phase is 5 years too from 2025 to 2030.



Positive aspects of the project for China:


First: in a short period export China’s local products to the world.


Second: joint China into world as linking China to Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


Third: increase the China economic influence on the further places in the world and stand against his Opponents US, because it has been said that twenty first century is China’s century.


Fourth: provide more than 80000 job opportunity for China’s factories.


Fifth: opening doors for China investors in order to invent in the project.


Sixth: investments in average to 1, 7% billion dollars.


Seventh: oppressive and drive out Eguar Muslims in Shinjia city.


Eighth: controlling more than 100 hectare lands for more than 40 years which have been rented from Pakistan government, but Bluchies call its invaded process.


Ninth: according to Nawaz Sheriff the Pakistan Premiershipthis project is causing of changing the balance of power in the region with the benefits to China because is joint Southern Asia, China and The Middle Asia.




The benefits of the project to Pakistan


First:Revive Pakistan infrastructure particularly in Baluchistan region which has been devastated because of extremist group’s fights.


Second: exports oil and gas and other metal productions in short period, this was very hard in the past and even sometimes half of the productions have been destroyed.


Third: opening Pakistan toward the Middle East and export its natural sources through Gwadar port.


Fourth: increase yearly incomes of Pakistan by 5%.


Fifth: separate Baluchistan and devastate their independence dreams which they have worked for many years.


Sixth: provide job opportunities for more than 70000 Pakistan factories.



US agreement with Taliban movement to destroy this project


The china’s economy influences has reduced the US politics influences in the world and this project is one of reasons that has direct effects on US power in the Middle East. Therefore, US try to oppress the China’s allies like Pakistan through proxy wars. US hardly try to fail the project of China-Pakistan economy corridor. According to some of the global resources, US plans to revival Taliban movement for making chaos and ending expands of China. In the past, US found Taliban movement in order to drive out Soviet Union in Afghanistan, but this time is for another hostile whom is the global economic invader (China).


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