Power and Culture (2) last part

Kurdistan is culturally measured as a various existence in the center of "Iran" and only by considering this subject and its historical roots can be clarified the subject.

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Literacy Situation

Total literacy percentage in Sine province was 39% in 1986. This literacy rate was 54 per cent for men and 23 per cent among women, but later the statistics changed due to generalization of education, development of the literacy movement, opening schools in villages and development of education services.

According to statistics from 2016, the literacy ratio has risen to 81.5. The literacy rate has risen to 87.5 per cent in men and 75 per cent in women. According to common statistics, the literacy percentage in Sine was 84.9.


The development of producing music instruments in Sine Province and development of wood industry due to having best quality of trees in its forests, and brilliant talents in learning and learning music have led to Sine Province becomes one of areas producing music instruments, particularly traditional music instruments, such as Daf, Divan, Tar, etc.

According to our understanding on various fields of culture in Sine Province, we can display general picture of the development of the culture in the province. In short, we can say that despite high cultural capability in Sine Province, culture development has not occurred in the province. Although Sine province is in a better situation than other provinces in a particular field such as cinema, but this comparison itself is not an accurate basis.

In these cases, every area should be evaluated based on its own cultural opportunities. In this regard, there are required great opportunities for cultural developments such as cinema in Sine province, and it needs more cooperation, budget, tools and freedom in order to be achieved the development.

By analyzing statistics and comparing them with defined standards, and even on Iran’s general measurements, it became clear that the development of culture in Sine province had not occurred. We can conclude that development of the province's Cultural is directly linked to history and relationships of power. It means centralist policy in Iran; from the beginning of creation modern state until now has resulted marginalize various Cultures of nations and life styles. This marginalization has led to decline of culture in Sine province

In fact, this type of development requires public participation and formation of a cultural development infrastructure. Generally (participation) is one of the main significances of the development issue. It means participating in economic development, political development, social capital, etc. But an important thing is that all of this is achieved in the context of cultural and without the development of the culture, we cannot hope for a desired trend of comprehensive development.

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