Power and Culture (1)

A view on situation of cultural development in Kurdistan (Sanandaj –Sine- province)

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In this report, we try to display statistics, a picture of cultural development indexes in various fields of culture and art in Sine Province. In the current situation, it seems that discussing culture and cultural development is considered unnecessary work, but even in the most basic human groups and in the most difficult natural and social situations; culture means a subjective mechanism and at the same time an objective cooperation with the world. Although there is a lot of cultural capability in "Sanandaj Province", but this province it is not in a desired situation and has not taken its proper position in terms of achieving culture development indexes.

Local media

Since 1979 revolution, according to official statistics, 158 media in Sine province have received work permission. Recently, 102 of them are active, including print media, news agency, online and offline news agencies. In fact, "Sine province" has much more opportunities for media activity.


In Iran, there is a percentage which one cinema is for 240,000 people. But in Sanandaj province, one cinema is for 500,000 people. According to latest statistics, there are 268 cinemas in 31 provinces throughout Iran, which means out of 1,197 cities, there are 150 cinemas and 1,047 are without cinema. Additionally, according to published statistics of the year (2020) Iranian cinemas have 122,760 seats, which 1,679 of them are belonging to Sanandaj province.

Historical-Cultural buildings in Sanandaj province

The historical buildings registered by Archaeological Institute of Sine province, most of them are in the city of Sine, as follows:

1-The historical building of Khasraw Awa - Sanandaj.

2-Mushir Divan Building - Sanandaj.

3-Zewaya Ancient Hill - Saqqez

4-The ancient writing of Tangiwar - Kamyaran.

5-Historical bath of Qaslan – Qorveh.

6-Saray Amir Tuman – Timche

7-Ahmadzadeh Building -Sanandaj.

8-Haji Karim Abbasi Building - Sanandaj.

9-Bakhi Garden Building / Spidar Garden – Sanandaj

10-Asif-Sannah Building,

11-Faizullah Bagi's house - Saqqez

12-Sabat - Sanandaj

13-Qutbi Gate - Sanandaj

14-Muradi Gate -Sanandaj

15-Malikultujar - Sanandaj.

16-Egyptian building - Sine.

17-Sarhang Azmuda Ardalan house - Sine

18-Rahimzadeh's house - Sine

19-Sanjarkhan House, Nran Village - Sanandaj.

20-Qarani House – Sine

21-House of Ayatollah Mardukh - Sine

22-Mala'i House - Sine.

23-Mazharpur House - Sine

24-Muttasel House - Sinai

25-Bakery House - Sine.

26-Nizari House - Sanandaj.

27-House of Yusuf Husseini - Sine.

28-Ancient Jewish writings - Sine.

29-Sanandaj Church.

30- Khan Historical Bath-Sanandaj


The ancient library in Sine province is "Faizullah son of Bahbud Ali" library, its history back to the era of Afshars and zandis. Faizullah son of Bahbud al-Araff was a writer and translator who translated Book of AwarfulMa'arifi of Sheikh Suhrawardi into Persian. Another ancient library in Sine province is Second Amanullakhan Library, who was the governor of Kurdistan (1265-1284), which had more than 2,000 of various title books.

Abdul-Majid Badi'ul-Zaman Library (1322-1397) is another old library in Sine.

According to a report by the Iranian cultural Archaeological Institute and according to the director-general of public libraries in Sine province, the statistics of public libraries of Sanandaj province in the year (2019) are 81 public libraries, 31 of which are participatory libraries and 50 of which are institutional libraries. There are 11 participating libraries in the villages, and what remains is active in the cities.






































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