Frameworks and legal principles of Political Opposition in Kurdistan Region (1)

The purpose of disclosure of the political opposition is exposure political entity and its activities

Azad WaladBaggi
Writer & Researcher

"When voice of opposition is silenced, sound of bullets rises.”

Abraham Lincoln

Complaints against some behaviors and actions are one of characteristics that presence in human beings. Moreover, these behaviors are seen in all societies in the context of family, city and country, for instance, a family member's dissatisfaction against family pressures or a community group’s dissatisfaction against supremacy of another social class or political, social behavior, etc. By development of societies and establishment of new states, political opposition will be a form of political activity within the countries. This means protesting against morals and wills of political power or opposing a legal idea that political power depends on, in other words, opposing political philosophy, which political power is built on. Indeed, we cannot visualize any political system in the world without opposition, because wherever there is political power, there will be a conflict between political forces and parties to seize power and run the country. Therefore, political opposition is an important and fundamental part of any political system that naturally activates with the system. Moreover, democratic systems recognize existence of political opposition and provide them opportunities of free workings, this leads to opposition groups peacefully reach power through ballot boxes. While, in dictatorial systems, attempts are made to exclude, marginalize, and even remove political opposition, in addition their existence and activities are not permitted. Discussing the framework and legal principles of the political opposition's work is one of important issues less discussed, so in this regard, we mention legal framework for organizing works of the political opposition, and then we refer to emergence and situation of the political opposition in the Kurdistan Region.


Legal Characteristics of Political Opposition

The purpose of Legal Characteristics of Political Opposition is the characteristics that recognize Political Opposition; we can explore these characteristics as following:


1)The characteristics of politicization of political opposition; using term of "politics" distinguishes between political arena and non-political social arena. According to this, the characteristics of politicization are not applied to all phenomena, but it applies on all things that take place in the political arena.


2)The peaceful characteristics of political opposition; the peaceful characteristics of political opposition means implementation of non-violent factors to reaching power or expressing in a constitutional and legal way.


3)The characteristics of being organizing political opposition, the purpose of political opposition of an organization or institution is that the opposition has its own rules and principles. Thus it has run through a way that has not a personal framework.


4)The characteristics of revelation of political opposition, the purpose of disclosure of the political opposition is exposure political entity and its activities, these are related to some concepts such as democracy, freedom and law.

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